Chipper Cash, Africa’s top first payments app on the PlayStore and App Store

Chipper Cash, Africa’s top first payments app on the PlayStore and App Store

Chipper Cash, Africa’s top first payments app on the PlayStore and App Store, celebrated its third anniversary. A story started in Iowa, by Silicon.

A story started in Iowa, by the Silicon Valley, which transforms mobile payments in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The firm was set up and launched in October 2018 by Ugandan President Ham Serunjogi and Ghanaian President Maijid Moujaled, to win the next round of currency exchange in Africa as high charges on transactions and the multiple parties through which the money must go before it reaches the recipient.

Do you know you can convert that your excess  Airtime to cash

To celebrate this event, Chipper is running a promo where all users get a 5 per cent discount on the first airtime purchase for the day

The journey is now over

Chipper Cash offers unlimited local money transfers, discounts on airtime purchases and zero charges on bill payments.

Since the global launch of the app, it has managed to expand to seven African countries including Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa. Recently expanded operations to the United Kingdom (UK) and plans to enter the United States market.

Among the major benefits that come with using the app are its flexibility which allows one to receive money in any currency, and there is no need to visit a financial institution to change it. The app automatically converts it into your home currency.

Interestingly, users can send and receive crypto on the app, either to settle payments or send to relatives with Bitcoin and Ethereum, as long as the sender and receiver are in Chipper Cash. With the introduction of cryptocurrencies in Africa, especially in the countries where the app is active, it is clear that the number of users is also growing.

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By the end of 2019, the app has 700,000 users. To date, Chipper Cash has served over 3.5 million users, with over 10,000 users per day as well as 80,000 transactions per day. The company is likely to hit 5 million users by the end of this year.
Not only do the users believe in the app, but investors are also supporting it. A $ 13.8 million Series A roundup from Deciens Capital and other investors in June 2020, the $ 30 million Series B of Ribbit Capital and Jeff Bezos sponsors Bezos Expedition in November 2020, and the recent $ 100 million Series C conducted by SVB Capital in June. 2021 has made the company one of the most lucrative startups in the African region.

There is no better way to celebrate the third anniversary than that!
What does the future hold for Chipper Cash?
Chipper Cash has a lot of work to do to deliver to its users over the next few years. In addition to the existing BTC and ETH, the app is working on investing more to boost crypto transactions and attract more users to the platform.

Using some of the services, payment such as airtime and data purchasing already provided, the app works by adding payments for utilities such as electricity and many more

The company is also working on creating a virtual card to make transactions on the internet easier. Interested users can sign up through the app or website to get notified when the product is available in their market. That’s not all, they soon start investing in stocks for any market the app is currently working on.

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The business is also seen, as well as the arrival of the Chipper checkout for business payments and will soon benefit from the API network.

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