Gigabyte Aorus 17G YC laptop review

Aorus is a Gigabyte gaming console. The main difference with the Gigabyte Aero-brand laptop (for the creators) is usually the screen. Screens for professional designers often work in the factory, cover a wide range of colors and make a good effort. However, they have difficulty coping with high energy rates, so they do not fit quickly in most sports. Unusually, athletes testify to running games on the Aorus 17G: the G2 eSports team. This “certified” him for playing CS: Go, thanks to his 300Hz running screen.

But the Aorus 17G also has another piece of paper – machine technology and processing in Omron. That is a huge gain for a laptop that is only 26mm. So how do you come together?

17.3-inch, matte, 300Hz, 1920 x 1080, non-touchscreen LCD; 2.2-5GHz Intel Core i7-10870H processor; 32GB RAM; 1TB NVMe HDD; Nvidia RTX 3080; 99Wh battery; 2.7KG. SKU: Aorus 17G YC. Full details here.

Design with hands
Aorus 17G takes a lot of icons for its Aero siblings (or else way around idk lol). Chassis is a rigid black, CNC-cut, anodized aluminum structure. The cover is thin and strong and has only a 3mm bezel around it and on its sides. Above, instead of the bright Aero logo, the Aorus cyber eagle motif glows when the laptop is turned on. This is not enough to make him suspect that the company is too important, but, when paired with a sharp, long black, keep it looking good for all time.

The Aorus 17G keyboard is the first laptop to use the Omron switch function. We were told that each key had a focal point of 1.6mm and could withstand up to 15 million. Click sounds real, and it provides the satisfaction of a key point – colleagues and people who are as cool as an airline may hate you. We found it perfect for writing, although it is so brief that we have to use our fingers to type a little hand from a high point. Of course, it is useful for athletes who will appreciate the positive tactile feedback. It can be tiring to press for long periods of time for those with sensitive fingers – other keyboards require a little effort to reduce the keys.

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All keys are full, and each one uses Gigabyte’s Fusion technology. There is also a full number sheet and a full keypad.

A mechanical Omron keyboard with a 26mm-thick chassis is quite large.
The trackpad is nice and accurate with its easy-to-operate buttons. There is also a Windows Hello compatible fingerprint. The smaller screen means that the HD camera is at the bottom of the screen, which creates a seamless image pointing to your fence (s). It has some privacy, but Windows Hello is compatible.

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Despite being pretty impressive, the Aorus 17G model is limited to a competition-friendly gamer, Full HD 1080p resolution. Regardless of the name of the game, it uses a redesigned IPS panel and is also Pantone certified for color accuracy — which would be interesting if its color expression was better than displaying only 72 percent of the minimum NTSC slot (despite Delta-E <1). Anyway, the 300Hz screen is amazing. While one cannot detect the frames of such a fast-moving device, one can detect the smoothness of a fast-moving object. Players – especially FPS players and tough racers – will love it.

It’s not as clear as the UHD-screen-sporting Aero model for office work, but the text is also sharp enough to read without scrolling – even in small font sizes.

For many parties, watching videos is a no-brainer. Details can be lost in bright areas, although it works well as well as detail and shade. We saw some colors and gradients, but the artifacts in the area of ​​yellow were too small. The color is general and bright. Our light-field test showed some visible effect in a bright environment in a dark area, but nothing distracting.

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Like its siblings, the twins, the two Watt speakers offer excellent fidelity to the bass and treble that sounds very good. But, they have no voice and not too much boxing.

Performance of GIGABYTE AORUS 17G YC
The octa-core, 10th gen Intel Core i7 10870H processor, operates between 2.2GHz and 5GHz, and when paired with 32GB of DDR4-3200 and 1TB Gen.3 PCIe NVMe, it managed to achieve 6356 awesome on PCMark 10, which is the nearest desktop PC right now and better than everything or the recent Razer we tested. It also handles 1652 and Cinebench R15 and 7919 and Cinebench R15, which are good for translators but still some way behind the Ryzen multicore style.

To some extent, the RTX 3080 may seem overwhelming on a laptop with a full HD screen designed to play classic, competitive games like CS: GO that are currently running on older pages. But, who cares? With 3DMark Time Spy, it turned on a powerful 9811 which is an average of 62fps. In the Fire Strike Extreme, he got 12,292 (57fps), and in the Port Royal Ray Tracing test, he got 6242. In short, nothing he could not play and perform well. In particular, the frame it can produce in competitive games will bring the best on the 300Hz screen.

Understanding the statement and integrating it with Microsoft Azure technology means that the laptop will automatically enable power management and GPU configuration/configuration by viewing the cloud to load any application automatically.

We’ve also found that the Windforce Infinity technology that was rejected – 5 double-barreled, 71-blade fans – made a small noise when carrying more competitors, but it didn’t distract.

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Gigabyte Aorus 17G YC is below – a lot of air, but it may have a little noise.
On the left are two 3.5mm audio jacks for headphones and speakers. Each side is a USB-A 3.2 port (Gen.1) (a useful configuration for power supply for RGB gaming consoles). There is also a UHS-II SD card reader and a Gigabit Ethernet port. On the right is another USB-A 3.2 port (Gen.1), USB-C Thunderbolt 3 port, mini DP 1.4, HDMI 2.1, and power slot. While there are some fast-paced generations available, this is an awesome list. Inside there is Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0.

Aluminum material makes it very hard, and you have to manage the initial LAN and LAN. Gigabyte promised a 7hrs battery with a maxed-out, 99W unit in it, but it actually went beyond this and took an awesome 7hrs 19mins in PCMark 10’s Modern Office test. It doesn’t usually burn at 2.7KG but, for a solid, 17-inch laptop with a functional keyboard, a large battery, and bells and whistles all, it’s still a small, powerful computer.

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