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9mobile, formerly known as Etisalat is one of the best mobile networks in Nigeria with good internet connection in many places across the country. Although the price of 9mobile plan data is very high compared to other networks such as Glo, MTN, and Airtel, it offers more reliability and speed than others, so it is a good choice if you want to work required reliable and fast internet.

9Mobile is a new name for Etisalat Nigeria which is in a huge debt crisis of about $ 1.2 billion and paid for Teleology Holdings in early 2019 as the company managed to pay 42% of that amount.

The new name was chosen based on the 0909ja Etisalat brand built at the beginning of the internet during the 9 years, Mr. Boye Olusanya was appointed as the new President, and Mr. Joseph Nnanna was elected as the President of the company. The company changed its color and said the new color represents vibrancy, dynamism, and life.

The changes in the company have also affected some of their products, some data plans have increased where prices are still the same some areas have not yet been released.

9Mobile Mobile Plan Code
The new 9mobile data plans for Android smartphones, Blackberry and iPhone in 2021 with their codes are:

Plan 9Mobile (Etisalat) Night

9mobile offers 1GB data plan for only 200 nights for Day 1 from 22 to 5 p.m., to register dial 229 * 3 * 11 #.

For those who can’t sleep all night to download movies and do other things online, this plan is perfect.

9Mobile (Etisalat) Daily data plan
Etisalat provides daily data plans for lightweight data users at affordable prices, these plans include:

25MB data plan for N50 only for 24 hours, subscription code * 229 * 3 * 8 #.

100MB for 100 Naira works for 24 hours, to register, dial * 229 * 3 * 1 #.

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9Mobile (Etisalat) 1000 Data Data Plan
9mobile offers 1.5GB data plan for 1,000 Naira for 30 days (24/7), to subscribe, dial * 229 * 2 * 7 #.

9mobile also offers 2GB of data for the evening (7 pm – 7 am) and 24 hours on weekends at 1,000 Naira only for 30 days by purchase, subscribe, dial * 229 * 3 * 12 #.

This feature is suitable for simple phone users who are browsing, chatting and do not take data applications like Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

9Mobile (Etisalat) 2000 Naira Data Plan
9mobile offers 4.5GB of data for 2,000 Naira worth of 30 days (24/7), sign up by dialing * 229 * 2 * 8 #.

This plan is good for data users as it can last for months if you do not have to install data on a regular basis.

Etisalat also offers 5GB (7 pm – 7 am) evenings and weekends (24 hours) for N2,000 valid for 30 days, to subscribe dial * 229 * 3 * 13 #.

9Mobile (Etisalat) plan monthly
9mobile offers an effective 500MB data plan for 1 month, available daily for N500, dial * 229 * 2 * 12 # to register. Etisalat also offers a 1GB weekend data plan for a whopping 500 Naira from 11:59 pm Friday tp 11:59 pm Sunday.

9mobile 1000 Naira data offers 1.5GB phones for 1 month by purchase, subscription code * 229 * 2 * 7 #

9mobile provides 2GB of data for N200 valid for 1 month through purchase, subscription code * 229 * 2 * 25 #

Etisalat offers 3GB of data for 1,500 Naira worth of 30 days (24/7), to subscribe, dial * 229 * 2 * 3 #.

9mobile offers 4.5GB data for 2,000 Naira worth of 30 days (24/7), to subscribe, dial * 229 * 2 * 8 #.

To sign up for an 11GB data plan for 4,000 Naira, dial * 229 * 2 * 36 #, this plan is valid for 30 days (24/7).

Can get 15GB for 5,000 naira on 9mobile by dialing * 229 * 2 * 37 #, valid for 30 days.

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For advanced data users, 9mobile offers 40GB of data for 10,000 Naira worth of 30 days (Available 24/7) along with subscription code * 229 * 4 * 1 #.

Etisalat offers an effective 75GB data plan for 30 days, available daily at N15,000 with a subscription code of * 229 * 2 * 4 #.

9Mobile (Etisalat) Data Collection N200
Etisalat offers an N200 data plan for 250MB valid for 7 days, dial * 229 * 2 * 10 # payment. This feature is ideal for working fast on the internet when other networks are slowing down, and is great when you need a reliable internet connection for important purposes for a short time but do not want to spend a lot of data.

9mobile Unlimited Data Plan
9mobile has unlimited data plan but they offer 90 day plan of 30GB for 27,500 Naira, subscription code is * 229 * 5 * 1 # and 4 month plan of 60GB to 55,000 Naira, subscription code is * 229 * 5 * 2 #.

They also offer a 100GB data plan for 65,000 Naira effective for one month, the code is * 229 * 4 * 5 #. The largest data plan offered by 9mobile is a 1-year plan for 120GB costing 110,000 Naira, subscription code is * 229 * 5 * 3 #.

9Mobile (Etisalat) Data Plan Balance

9mobile data plan balance can be checked using *228# or by texting ‘Bal’ to 228.

9mobile data plans all have the auto-renewal feature so you have to manually disable it to avoid getting subscribed automatically after it expires or finishes, to disable auto-renewal, dial *229*0# or text “STOP” to 229.

9mobile Data Plan FAQs
Can you roll over unused data?

Yes, 9mobile lets users transfer all previously unused data from the original subscription if they renew their subscription or subscribe to another plan before the current deadline. The amount of unused data is added to the newly purchased data and its validity is added.

Can you share your data?

Yes, you can, to transfer data, dial * 229 * Transfer Pin * Number of Data you want Transfernyefe * Recipient Number #. The default PIN is 0000 and you can change it by dialing * 247 * 0000 * New Pin #, the maximum data you can send immediately is 50MB and you can send it more than 5 times per day bringing it to 250MB where the minimum is 10MB at a time. Must have a minimum data set of 100MB to be able to use the transmission service.

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Can you donate data?

Can send data as a gift to your friends and loved ones on Etisalat, to do this click on the data code associated with the package you want to send and enter the person’s number before #, for example, code for 200MB subscription is * 229 * 2 * 10 # so to donate 200MB data, you need to dial * 229 * 2 * 10 * Recipient Phone Number #. You will need cheap data for your business.

Etisalat Multi-Device Plan

This feature allows users to insert their Etisalat SIM card into 4 second SIM cards that can be used on different devices and use the same data card as a parent. Your SIM card is used to set up and manage additional SIMs.

9mobile Internet Settings
Most phones get automatic browser settings as soon as the SIM card is inserted. If you have problems with the browser configuration settings on 9mobile, you can type “NETTA” text to 790, the settings will be sent to you, keep it and work as default settings and you’re good to go.

You can also use manual settings if the automatic method does not work for you. Go to Point Phone settings on your phone and enter this information.

Manual Settings:
Account Name: 9mobile internet
Username: 9mobile
Password: 9mobile
Access Point Name (APN): 9mobile
Home Page: http://mobile.9mobile.com.ng
IP Address:
port: 8080

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