Google Pixel 4 XL review

Google Pixel 4 XL review
The Google Pixel 4 XL is a great all-rounder, but the esoteric features don’t help it get out of the bag.


If you’re in the market for a new phone, you’ve come to the right place as we come down to Google’s latest effort with our Google Pixel 4 XL review. The Google Pixel 4 XL is Google’s latest, competing with the iPhone 11 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S10 + models. It has a 6.3-inch QHD screen, high speaker and bottom, and a dual 12.2 / 16-megapixel camera.

So far, so good, but what else does the Google Pixel 4 XL have? What is its unique market that stands out among the best smartphones? Well, several Night Sight modes help you to turn off the night light. It also has face control and gesture control, which allows you to interact with your phone without touching it. Will these things help the Pixel 4 XL get out of the crowd?

Speech skills:
Average cost: $ 899
Operating system: Android
Screen: 6.3-inch QHD
Storage: 64GB or 128GB
5G ready? No
Jack phone head? No
Payment type: USB-C
Also, consider … iPhone 11 Pro

It seems like a nonsense glitter on the side of the smartphone, but now what can we say? Every phone on the market can call and send texts. We can assume that every phone we look at meets these criteria. What we are interested in is anything else.

If you’re looking to opt-out and sign up for one of the best phone carriers, the Google Pixel 4 XL has an MSRP of $ 899, while the Google Pixel 4 all the time costs $ 799. Considering all the updates that the XL has more than the standard version, the Pixel XL seems free of charge and only $ 100 more. It’s also competitively priced compared to the competition – the iPhone 11 Pro Max will set you back for a staggering $ 1,099.

If all of that is rich for your blood, you can also check out Google Pixel 3a, which offers many of the same features as the Pixel 4 XL, but at a lower price. But if you want to see how the Google Pixel 4 XL has backed the competition, check out our best-guided smartphones.

Google Pixel 4 XL review: Design and maintenance
Available in black, white, or orange.
Stylish design.
The Google Pixel 4 XL is available in three colours: Only Black, Clearly White, and Oh So Orange. Obviously, Oh So Orange is actually a place between orange and salmon pink that puts some users at a standstill, though we thought it was a good one. The colour of the Pixel 4 XL has a really nice texture, but it tastes great – it looks more ceramic than plastic or the material used in the phone.

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Google Pixel 4 XL review: can be found in three colours (Photo Credit: Google)
At 6.3-inch long and 2.9-inch wide, the Google Pixel 4 XL is one of the biggest smartphones on the market. It will still fit in your pocket, but we are getting very close when it comes to cell phones. If you are looking for something thinner, the Google Pixel 4 all the time may be yours.

There is a small black bevel around the screen, which is very nice and high where it accommodates the front face and microphone. It’s nothing unsightly, though. Of course, we would say that the Google Pixel 4 XL is a beautiful app, mainly white or orange, as the black on the side of the phone creates a dramatic contrast.

Google Pixel 4 XL review: Battery life
Battery lasts all day as well as usage.
Access via USB-C cable.
Smartphones are often the hungry beast, and the Pixel 4 XL is not the same. A full charge will be enough for general use, but you will have to pay for your phone at the end of each day. Excessive use will drain the battery quickly, so if you use your phone to watch a movie or play a game, you will want to charge for the day.

When you want to plug in your Google Pixel 4 XL, it connects via a USB-C charger or a USB port or plugs into a wall plug using a power adapter.

Google Pixel 4 XL review: Screen and sound
The QHD screen and 90Hz power supply provide excellent video quality for video.
Great speaker, but no headphones added.
The Google Pixel 4 XL has a 6.3 “ QHD OLED display, similar to its predecessor, the Pixel 3 XL, although it now has a larger 19: 9 resolution, which puts it in the centre of the screen (16: 9). ) in severe weather (21: 9). The main boost on the screen comes from a better refresh rate, which is currently at 90 Hz. This results in a smoother image when moving between apps or playing games.

The QHD screen does not offer the same type of image as some high-end phones that offer full 4K resolution, but it will be difficult for you to see a screen of this size – 4K is well-designed for laptops and TVs. We found the image very good when watching Netflix videos on YouTube, although different conditions present some dead chances on the screen while watching a video clip.

Sound is good and enjoyable with the Pixel 4 XL, as well as an amazing stereo-sounding stereo – you can enjoy the Pixel 4 XL happily in a large room without having to worry about it. Air speech. This is great if you need some sound while cleaning the house and don’t want to wear headphones.

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You will get yours if you want to use headphones because the Google Pixel 4 XL does not come with any accessories. Google says that many users prefer to use their headphones, so it is pointless to throw them in the box if no one is using them. That’s fine, but we’d love to see some headphones thrown in the package anyway. I can buy a USB-C headset (R.I.P audio jack) from Google for $ 30.

Google Pixel 4 XL review: Camera
Good slots support great software.
The night view provides beautiful images with low light.
There are many technical details we can throw at you (and we will do it) when it comes to the camera, but what really matters is a good photo? The answer, thank you, is yes indeed.

There, the Google Pixel 4 XL features two front-facing camera systems. The main camera is a 12.2-megapixel aperture with a resolution of 77 degrees. This is not bad, by any means, but it fits in compared to the Samsung Galaxy S10, which offers 123 degrees viewing with its camera. If you are looking for a wider range, the Pixel 4 XL works but not the best.

Using the camera zoom feature, the Google Pixel 4 XL focuses on a second aperture, a 16-megapixel telephoto lens that offers 2x optical zoom and 8x hybrid zoom. This captures some amazing software called Super Res Zoom to capture some beautiful images.

If you are interested in the personal game of Google Pixel 4 XL, you will be happy to know that it features an 8-megapixel rear camera. This is a bit of a backlash from the Pixel 3 XL dual-camera setup, which means the Pixel 4 XL will have to use some software to define the depth of the field on your own. He’s not a breach of contract, but it’s a shame to see two cameras on the go.

One special feature that Google wants to show off on the Pixel 4 XL is the Night Vision sensor, which allows you to take photos at low resolution. This is aided by adding the Astrophotography feature, which allows you to shoot long distances to show any stars, planets and nebula in the night sky. It’s a wonderful thing that gives you some beautiful colours of the stars at night. Not a miracle at all though Night Sight will not work in complete darkness.

Google Pixel 4 XL review: Hardware and aids
Google Assistant helps you stay in your life.
The Edge is in good working order, but it seems pointless.
Like all Google devices, the Google Pixel 4 XL offers an AI input, called the Google Assistant. This smart AI can help you access apps and answer questions like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. Say “Hey Google,” and smart assistant will work.

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You can also activate Google Assistant by tapping the bottom part of the phone for what Google calls Edge Services. Thinking is what we call it, but we are not sure what the point is? As soon as the Google helper is awake, you will want to say something to him so that you can say “Hey Google”. However, Active Edge works with the intention that there may be some hidden benefits that we do not see.

Regardless of the choice of life, the Google helper is handy. You can ask him random questions, find out the weather forecast for tomorrow or even have him tell you the game. Can also set alarms, reminders, and calendars. Help with Google notes and female voices, but there are also male options that you can also change if you want. Check pop 3 very well. I like it.

Google Pixel 4 XL review: Security
Sotion Motion lets you use your phone to control the flow of water.
Face Unlock recognizes you and unlocks automatically.
Fancy screens, big cameras and sleek designs are all good, but every smartphone has these days. So what does the Google Pixel 4 XL do to get out of the competition?

Sense Motion is one of Google’s main marketing tools at the moment. This feature makes the Pixel 4 XL use a motion sensor to detect your movements and can be used for certain tasks. So if you pick up your phone, the screen will automatically wake up in sleep mode. You can also perform longer tasks such as installing another track by turning your hand on the screen. Google said this feature would be useful when driving and you do not have time to interact effectively with your phone. It’s a good idea, and it works as described, although we’re not sure how much it will cost each day use.

Another feature of Google’s Motion Sense technology is the face recognition feature, which teaches you the Pixel 4 XL to recognize your face and open it automatically while viewing it. This will help you keep your phone password and protect other users, but it also saves you from entering your password details every time you want to use it. It also works for many parts. Sometimes we had to fix our faces before playing football, but the Pixel 4 XL recognized our reviewer every time but, more importantly, refused to open it to anyone else.

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